Digital Marketing

Welcome to the world of digital marketing; a world of secrets and mysteries and surprises. In the Digital Marketing Recipe, we are going to take you on a tour of different aspects and prospects that digital marketing holds for its on-boarder.

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The Facets of Digital Marketing

If you are new to this world, you are going to need an idea of what segments comprise this industry. You are going to want to explore your interest but for that, you need to be well aware of the scopes. The Facets of Digital Marketing has covered the intimate details of 5 such core aspects of digital marketing.

A Sneak Peek Into Digital Marketing Recipe

The book encloses a lot of survival tips and tricks you are going to need in this industry. Not only that we have got some hacks in the pages that you are going to want to write down and save for a lifetime.

A Good Resume can take you a Long Way

It is no secret that a good resume can back you up any job. Similarly, a good portfolio can win over any client you want in the digital marketing industry. A resume should be such that it builds the client’s trust in you. Successful marketers spend years in an attempt to build the perfect resume. But we have spilled the secrets in our very first e-book. You are going to need a cup of coffee before you start reading this interesting chapter, because touchwood, this chapter carries a lot of valuable information just for our readers.

Have you thought about a career in digital marketing ever? Do you know that this sector is booming even in the pandemic hit world, and you can literally make thousands of dollars online; legally?

The Digital Marketing Recipe dwells into the online marketing world and the vast opportunities it holds for its seekers. Even if you are a newbie and have to start from scratch, this book is a good head-start for your long journey ahead.

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